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My passion for medicine started young. I read books and websites about anatomy, health, and everything else I could get my hands on. I thought that I knew everything there was to know about the human body and everything inside it. It wasn’t until I had my first surgery when I was 20 that I even started to think about medical technology. I’ve always known the importance of having a good doctor, one who’s compassionate and knowledgeable. Looking at the ultrasound scans of my breast and the (benign--thankfully!) tumor inside of it was the first time I realized that, when you’ve got a medical problem that needs surgery, a doctor and surgical team are only as good as their imaging technology. Though everything turned out okay in the end for me, people with more complicated medical issues are often not so lucky. It’s always scary to go under the knife, but I couldn’t even imagine how much my anxiety would have been amplified had I needed surgery in a more delicate area of my body, one where one wrong move could have had devastating results. While looking into the most recent imaging tech, I saw a few articles about augmented reality. I had heard of it from a few gaming apps, but I would have never thought about its application in surgery until I started researching it. Watching videos of surgeons performing complex procedures with confidence because of the use of AR was inspiring. And when I looked even further into it, I was amazed to see that the applications were limitless--from rehabilitation to cognitive therapy, AR is revolutionizing medicine across the board. I love working with ARinMed because I get to be part of spreading the word about the many uses of Augmented Reality technology and its uses in medicine. The advancements it makes are never anything short of amazing!