We at ARinMED have reviewed some of the most amazing projects that the world of augmented reality have brought to the medical field. Most of these projects, however, are for a very limited audience–the globalization of augmented reality as a tool is sort of neglected. We think that making tools available to all medical professionals is one of the most rewarding efforts that technology can pursue. Certainly, we know that the slow progress on this issue is not entirely for lack of trying, but it definitely doesn’t get the amount of focus that is needed. With this in mind, the MediVis was formed from a collaboration between New York University (NYU) Medicine and Engineering with one goal in mind: to advance medical visualization technology to be usable for all physicians. 

MediVis logo
Image source: http://www.mediv.is/

Of course, this is no small task. However, by integrating existing healthcare imaging enterprise systems into one big bank of imaging data, the data can be segmented and reconstructed into three-dimensional builds using in-house algorithms. Then, utilizing cloud technology, medical professionals can access 3D volumetric medical images on any device, particularly head mounted devices. This opens up a whole new world of options for medical practitioners. It could not only benefit medical professionals in their own education, but can make it easier to explain conditions and procedures to patients, as well.  

Image source: http://www.mediv.is/

The three main pillars of the company are navigation, education, and engagement. These objectives project a vision of “a world where powerful visualization allows for medicine to be understood and taught in the most intuitive way possible,” which are the words that you will encounter when you visit MediViswebsite. We couldn’t agree with their objectives more! One of their main efforts is to develop an anatomy app for this purpose, Anatomy X. It’s a platform that brings next-generation anatomy education to the table using AR. It also integrates voice commands and gesture controls to bring the future into the present for medicine. You can take a look at AnatomyX below. 


The other labor of MediVis is the RenderX. This is the other side of the coin, one which focuses on surgical rendering, and the one that we are the most excited about. RenderX utilizes advanced algorithms to holographically project any CT or MRI scan in a 3D space, allowing for volume visualization and dynapic interactivity. As we said previously, MediVis is doing an amazing job at creating a consolidated, umbrella network for healthcare professionals, looking past the current 2D systems and into the future of 3D. Whether a scan is taken from a General Electric, a Siemens, or another brand, the cloud storage system will ensure that the MediVis can access and project it using the Microsoft Hololens kit in your office–or even in your living room. You can see a sneak peek of RenderX below.   


MediVis is one of the most promising AR startups. It started on 2016, and there are several projects still on the horizon for it. We will be looking forward to what they have in store for us in this next year!. Please don’t forget to visit their website and tell us what you think about them in the comments section! 


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